New Sponsor–Hobby Hill Farm

hobby hill farm

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t. But a week or so ago I added a sponsor button to the sidebar without saying a word.

Now, I’m gonna say a word–or two–or three. 🙂

Hobby Hill Farm is the official outfitters for the Farm Chicks. In fact, as we speak, Sharon (the owner) is embroidering us all ball caps to wear around our homestead. When mine arrives in the mail, you will definitely hear about it. (I imagine we’ll all wear them when we meet up at the Mother Earth News Fair in September, too.)

Anyway, Hobby Hill Farm offers a wide array of products of interest to you. Whether you have a farm or not, you will find something on their website that you just have to have. Flags and mailbox covers, embroidered apparel, jams and candies, and purses and totes, are just a sampling.

But the best part is the discount! If you purchase anything from Hobby Hill Farm and use the discount code EHWC13, Sharon will give you 15% off your order–just because we’re friends.

So hop on over to Hobby Hill, and tell Sharon that Carol sent you.

Stay warm!


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