Homestead Cooking with Carol

homestead cooking with carol

I’m definitely buying this book. I’ve never been sorry for buying anything you’ve written, Carol! –Tammy H.

Homestead Cooking with Carol: Bountiful Make-ahead Meals shows you, the busy homesteading homemaker, how to prepare your food at harvest time so you spend less time making supper the rest of the year. It shows you how to prepare simple, healthy foods that do not require a culinary degree for those nights when you lack the energy to chop, braise, caramelize, or glaze.

Nothing relieves stress in a woman’s life like knowing what’s for supper. Having meals put up, developing a system to live by, and casting off the expectation that every meal needs to be a gourmet affair will bring you renewed energy of mind and spirit. In fact, quick stress-free home cooking makes the entire family happy.

In addition, how would you like to:

  • have cookies warm from the oven every day when your kids step off the bus,
  • take a new mom a meal without adding to your already heavy work load,
  • say “No” to the local drive-thru after an exhausting shopping day because you know supper can be ready before the kids unload the car,
  • save enough money to buy something special,
  • or welcome unexpected company with a smile because simply adding one more jar to the pot makes supper with friends a possibility?

When you implement the techniques in Homestead Cooking with Carol you can do all this and more. As an added bonus, the book includes free menu-planning worksheets to print and use to simplify your journey to Bountiful Make-ahead Meals.

Here’s what Jenny from Black Fox Homestead has to say about it:

As homesteaders, we often find ourselves in a unique situation: we work hard to grow and raise our own food, which often times leaves us too exhausted to prepare the food we’ve worked so hard to grow and raise. In Homestead Cooking with Carol, Carol guides you through the process of preparing food in advance for those heavy garden days that leave no time for work in the kitchen.  Her warm approach gives the feeling a neighbor has dropped by for the afternoon and is simply offering  advice over a cup of tea. This is not a recipe book, this is a series of “make ahead and store it” techniques that can be used to fit any kitchen, any diet plan, or any family size.  I highly recommend it for any homestead cook, rural or urban.

This great homesteading/homemaking resource is available for the low price of $9.99 for the e-book.

 As a homesteader, producing your own food is important to you. Yet after spending your day mulching, milking, or mending fence, you have little energy left to turn that hard-earned food into an evening meal. It doesn’t help that the world is telling you your food must be fancy, with exotic ingredients, and from celebrity recipes. You just need to get hungry bellies filled. Homestead Cooking with Carol has something hot and nutritious for you.

Here’s what Sonja T. has to say about that:

The recipes alone make this a must read book. Add to those Carol’s insightful and easy to follow suggestions for saving valuable time in a homesteading kitchen, and you have a “must have” book for every family.

 Homestead Cooking with Carol: Bountiful Make-ahead Meals is the premier homesteading resource for the overwhelmed cook. And of all folks, Kendra from New Life on the Homestead understands the plight of the homesteading homemaker:

Homestead Cooking with Carol is a wonderful guide to learning how to quickly prepare meals from the bounty of your harvest, without slaving over the stove three times a day or feeling like you live in the kitchen. Carol knows first-hand just how hard it can be to get all of the chores for the day done, and still put a nutritious homemade meal on the table. This book is a treasure-trove of time saving tips for the busy homesteader.  I look forward to putting her recipes and advice to good use!

If restoring peace of mind and time with your family is worth $9.99 to you, get your copy today.

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A bounty of practical cooking advice! Homestead Cooking with Carol: Bountiful Make-Ahead Meals is the newest essential in my homestead kitchen.–Meredith C.


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  3. Just sent payment. Congratulations Carol. I am a spas in the kitchen so look forward to your guidance.

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  19. I can a lot during harvesting. Mostly vegetables, but have canned some roast. I do have a question for you before I buy the book. Do you ever make the soups and/or stews and then can them? And if so how do they turn out?
    Ok, that was 2 questions. Thank you so much!

    • Yes, Deborah, I have done that. However, I mostly can the mixed vegetables and then add the jar of meat or broth when I want soup. The reason is two-fold. 1) The garden vegetables and the meat come at different seasons. 2) I can do multiple things with them separated. It’s like buying a dress or a skirt. With skirts and blouses, you can mix and match and get multiple outfits. With a dress, you have one. Hope that helps. Oh, and how do they turn out? It depends on your recipe. In the book I recommend using lab tested recipes because seasonings change flavors when pressure canned and I’m just not great at predicting what they will taste like.

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    • Currently, Anna, it’s only an e-book. It will soon be available on Amazon for the Kindle and other digital retailers for e-readers. If I keep getting requests for print, I will look into paperback options.

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  28. Here is another vote for hard copy — for ease of use and the fact that we’re trying to live off the electronic grid.
    Thank you, and we can’t wait!

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