Chick Days at Tractor Supply

Chick Days are going on at Tractor Supply Company. Have you ever been? Well, if not, this is what you will find.

Ducklings at Tractor Supply

Baby Ducklings

And this:

Chicks at Tractor SupplyMany varieties of chicks

And this:

Stuffed chicks at Tractor SupplyStuffed Chicks

We love Chick Days. I have to restrain my son from buying the whole lot of them. But even if you are not in the market for more chickens, you can purchase everything you need for your existing flock at Tractor Supply Company.

Chicken supplies at Tractor SupplyChicken supplies at Tractor Supply

We’re in the market for ducklings, this year, as the boy has an incubator full of eggs right now. So if you’re interested in hatching chicks, stay tuned. We’ll have lots to share.


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Chick Days at Tractor Supply — 3 Comments

  1. We got some pretty Buffs last year from TSC, and are finally enjoying their eggs. I have a egg question…do you know what causes the occasional blood spots in eggs? Thanks!

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  3. Carol, last weekend after not being able to locate started pullets for over three weeks of looking, we decided to pick up some chicks at Tractor Supply.

    We chose 10 white Leghorns and 10 Red Sexlinks (our favorites for market-production) and of course, my little boy wanted a Bantam, so we got two of those.

    We are LOVING our chicks, and having had all of the necessary supplies at home already, bringing them home was easy. The great thing about Tractor Supply, especially if there is a knowledgeable sales associate to help you – is that they have everything you need.

    They have been home with us for about 4 days now and are enjoying themselves – eating, drinking, sleeping, stretching, and doing their funny little run/wing flap thing.

    So stinkin’ cute!

    That said, we do like to buy local from small businesses, but they didn’t happen to have what we needed.

    Always enjoy your blog posts!