Write for Life–A Book Review

Encouraging Your Reluctant Writer | Everything Home with Carol

  I love it when my friends write books that I can promote. Karen Lange, the gal that writes the homeschool writing posts for us each month, teaches the Homeschool Online Creative Writing Co-op Classes that one of my sons took, and wrote the book Homeschool Co-ops 101, has a new release. Write for Life: Volume One: Writing the Research … Continue reading

Soup Toppings and Additives

Kettle Klatches | Everything Home with Carol

  Last week on Kettle Klatches: Homestead Conversations on the Art of Soup Making, Jenny and I discussed harvesting and preserving our soup gardens. Today, we invite you to listen in as we chat about different soup toppings and things to add to make your soup not just soup, but a meal. After you listen in on the conversation, scroll … Continue reading

Writing with the Five W’s–Homeschool Writing Lessons

Encouraging Your Reluctant Writer | Everything Home with Carol

  The Five W’s approach often lowers the intimidation factor for students who struggle with writing. If you’ve never heard of the Five W’s, they are a list of questions that provide a framework on which to build stories, articles, essays, and reports. Commonly associated with journalism, these helpful guidelines can generate ideas for students of all ages and abilities … Continue reading

Harvesting and Preserving our Soup Gardens

Canning and Processing Times for Basic Crops | Everything Home with Carol

Harvesting and Preserving Our Soup Gardens This spring, my friend Jenny Cazzola of Black Fox Homestead and I introduced you to Kettle Klatches: An Audio Series on the Art of Soup Making. After two sessions, we took a break to grow our gardens and now we are back. This time we bring you Session Three of the series, “Harvesting and … Continue reading

Healthy Soup Recipes

Soup Recipes | Everything Home with Carol

  I am so excited about what I am about to share, I’m about to bust at the seams. Remember Jenny from Black Fox Homestead? Well, we’re back at it again with recording our Kettle Klatches: Homestead Conversations on the Art of Soup Making. We will be airing the third in that series, “Harvesting and Preserving Our Soup Gardens,” on … Continue reading