Summer Learning Activities–part 2

summer learning activities--part 2

  Learning opportunities abound, even when school is officially out for the summer. With just a little planning, you can create fun summer learning activities and memories with your gang. Here’s a few ideas: Craft projects Try those arts and crafts projects that don’t fit into the regular school year. You don’t need a specific agenda to explore different methods … Continue reading

Hope: Thriving While Unemployed–Book Review

Hope: Thriving While Unemployed

  I recently was privileged to review a new e-book that is being released today. Hope: Thriving While Unemployed, is a great resource for those folks facing a possible job loss, living through a loss of employment, or those under-employed for some reason. If anything, Carl and Angi Schneider know how to thrive after the loss of employment; they spent … Continue reading

Summer Learning Activities

Summer Learning Activities | Everything Home with Carol

  Even if official schooling stops for the summer, learning doesn’t have to. There is great potential for hands on projects and relaxing family time. Summer learning doesn’t have to mean hours of planning, either. It’s easy to plan summer learning activities with just a little preparation. For example, here are a couple ideas. Learn While Reading One of our family’s … Continue reading

Lessons from the Tree House–Revised


  Did you check out From Scratch Magazine yet? The discount on Homestead Cooking with Carol: Bountiful Make-ahead Meals ends this week. If you did go over there and read a few stories, I hope you enjoyed my column “Homeschooling on the Homestead” where I talked about lessons learned while building a tree house. But you know what? That article … Continue reading

From Scratch Magazine


  You’ve probably heard me talk about From Scratch Magazine before. Now in its second year of digital publication, this magazine is written by folks that actually live the homesteading lifestyle. Their articles include in-depth, “been there, done that” advice and experiences that you can learn from. The digital format makes it easy to collect an entire year’s worth of … Continue reading

All-Natural Thirst Quenchers

All-Natural Thirst Quenchers (427x640)

  Do you subscribe by email to Everything Home with Carol and The Total Granola Newsletter? If not, according to a recent, informal poll you probably miss more than 75% of the posts that I publish. If you don’t care, so be it. But if you need to overcome your fear of the pressure canner, need tips to get your … Continue reading

The Art of Gardening: Building Your Soil–A Book Review

Art of Gardening: Building Your Soil

Master Gardener Susan Vinskofski planted her first flower at eight years old. This year, she wrote an e-book to tell us everything she knows about gardening. (Well, I’m sure it isn’t everything, but I sure learned a lot reading it. ) In fact, The Art of Gardening: Building Your Soil, is now on my list of favorite gardening books. Here … Continue reading