Random Awesomeness

Prepping on a Budget | Mama Kautz

  Every once in a while, I like to share some of the awesomeness I find around the blog-o-sphere. After all, I’m not the only blog on the block. Nor do I have a special angle on a lot of homesteading or homemaking topics. This week, while reading posts from some of my friends at the Homestead Bloggers Network, three of them … Continue reading

I Took a Job

Homesteading struggles | Everything Home with Carol

  Remember “The Baring of My Soul“? In that post, I talked about the stages of life, how aging has affected how I homestead, how I struggle with keeping on with all the chores; and you responded with heartfelt empathy. You knew what I was talking about because you, too, experience the same things. Well, just this morning I read … Continue reading

Homestead Cooking with Carol on Sale

homestead cooking with carol

  Harvest time is now. Whether you’ve still got some beans coming from the garden, anticipate getting that big buck, or are gearing up for apple season, Homestead Cooking with Carol: Bountiful Make-ahead Meals is the resource to have when it comes to harvesting and putting up that harvest. The book is always available on Amazon Kindle for $8.49. But now, … Continue reading

All-Natural Thirst Quenchers

All-Natural Thirst Quenchers | Everything Home with Carol

If staying hydrated is a priority for your family during the hot summer months, but you want to avoid sugar, artificial sweeteners, food coloring, and other chemical additives, you need a copy of All-Natural Thirst Quenchers: Beat the Heat without the Junk. Perhaps you remember last summer I put together a little booklet called All-Natural Thirst Quenchers from Everything Home … Continue reading

Can You Use Lime for Deodorant?

Some time ago, I participated in a study with some other women involving homemade personal care products. We made our own toothpaste, non-shampoo, and deodorant and tested them on ourselves and our families for a few months. The results of the few that stuck it out (I was not one of them) were published in From Scratch Magazine. I’m sure you’re wondering … Continue reading

Spider Spray with Essential Oils

Spider Spray Essential Oils | Everything Home with Carol

  We have a terrible time with spiders in our house. See what I squished one night crawling inside my clothes? My husband’s grandfather died from pneumonia he contracted as a result of inhaling bug spray. My husband’s father died of Parkinson’s disease we believe came from lifetime of exposure to indiscriminate pesticide use. Consequently, we do not use pesticides in or around … Continue reading

Essential Oils Revolution

essential oil revolution

  Does it seem like everyone is into essential oils these days? I know it does to me. And since I really dislike bandwagons, I’ve been looking into this topic kind of with a sidewise look. In the 90s, I studied to become a Master Herbalist. I didn’t finish the course because, well, another baby came along. But those classes gave me … Continue reading

Mennonite Community Cookbook Review

Mennonite Community Cookbook

  When a representative from Herald Press approached me about reviewing a Mennonite cookbook on my blog, I was skeptical. After all, we have a very popular Mennonite cookbook in our pantry that we rarely use because the recipes are full of canned “cream of” soup, margarine, and Bisquick. We also travel in Mennonite circles and eat a lot of … Continue reading