Homeschooling with Magazines

Homeschooling with Magazines | Everything Home with Carol

  Have you ever thought that you could enhance your homeschooling with magazines? Well, you can–especially if you homestead–because part of living on the homestead is reading homesteading magazines. And, I subscribe to quite a few. When I have magazines laying about the house, I always catch the boys reading (and learning from) them. Good stuff! You can rest assured … Continue reading

Young Entrepreneurs on the Homestead

Young Entrepreneurs ehwc

  About a year ago, my daughter and I went with some friends to a festival  sponsored by a group of midwives organized to raise money for area pregnancy centers. At the festival were women vendors selling their handcrafted or direct marketing products. Just inside the door of the meeting hall two young girls sat at a table braiding hair … Continue reading

Math in the Garden

Math in the Garden | Everything Home with Carol

  Remember “Math on His Turf,” A post where I shared about drilling my eight-year-old in mental math calculations while he continued the project he didn’t want to abandon? Here’s another math lesson for you. I call this one Math in the Garden. This one is appropriate as we are all working in the gardens this time of year. It … Continue reading

Create Your Own Fast Food

Create Your Own Fast Foodl | Everything Home with Carol

  With homeschooling and homesteading, do you struggle to get meals on the table? Are you tempted to grab on the go, drive through the fast food joint, or order a pizza to eat in front of the TV? I know I am. But not only is that food unhealthy, it is expensive. If you knew that you could have … Continue reading

Learning with Games

Learning with Games | Everything Home with Carol

  If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you know that I love to teach my kids academic skills using real life. We learn a great deal while we work. And we learn a lot while we play, too. I taught one son to add long columns of numbers while playing Rummy 500. That is just one example of … Continue reading

Homeschool Planning Starts with Meal Planning

Homestead Cooking with Carol Print Edition

  When planning for a new homeschool year, one thing that I like to know I have in hand is meal preparation. After all, who can handle homeschooling while trying to do the homestead chores and the homestead cooking without some pre-planning? Perhaps you’d like this post I did awhile back on meal planning. OR, perhaps you’d like to have … Continue reading

Children and Mason Bees

Beekeeping with Children | Everything Home with Carol

  My boy and I took beekeeping classes a couple years ago, when he was 11. He learned more science than I would have taught him at home. But one experience, especially, taught me that beekeeping with children could be easier than I ever imagined. One evening, the teacher brought a few tubes of mason bees. She had the boy … Continue reading